leadershıp development
for IT executıves

Influencing IT Companies to develop
Collective Leadership and Culture
where every single employee is thriving, fulfilled and contributing to the collective success.


Leadership development programs, trainings, workshops, mentoring and 1-1 coaching. Customized according to your needs, with plans for all levels of management.


Level up your impact throughout your company. Develop your Influence, broaden your Power Base and Lead with confidence and ease.


Sky-rocket your management career while enjoying the task of managing people. Create strongly engaged teams and lead with influence while maintaining great relationships.







We believe that successful managers...

Achieve their goals

Align others with their Vision

Influence Teams to perform at their best

Build engaged and motivated Teams

Base their management on Trust

Grow their Employees

Are valued by Stakeholders and their Teams


Real people you can trust, with real life experience and a relatable background.

We Do Custom

Every Company Culture is different and every Leader is different. We respect that. Everything we do is tailor-made according to your needs.

We're In The Now

We follow all new development in neuroscience and leadership development. We go well beyond Training end Coaching. Our working models are based on our experience in IT, Management, research and scientifically-proven methodologies of Integrative Development.

Our Clients Say It All

We’ve got a great track record of happy clients from the top IT companies in Turkey.


” Intertech is an ambitious company, striving to differentiate in our digitalized age where innovations happen almost daily. Intertech is one big Team – fast, innovative, and agile. All the members of this team, who produce technical wonders, are very valuable to us. They are our future, the future of our company. For this very reason, we train our successful technical employees to be great managers.


For great leadership in this new digitalized world, having just the technical perspective is not enough. Communication, empathy, awareness, time management, stress management, self-confidence and persuasion skills are essential for successful leader. Here Artevis came to our rescue.

We have defined Leadership Programs as crucial steps in career development of our executives. Participating in ArteVis Leadership Programs is now a must for all managers at Intertech. We very quickly observe the business impact of the program results. These Programs are our greatest strength in differentiating from our competitors.
Thank you Artevis, thank you Ayla Akın. "
Dilek Duman

Although we have experienced individual coaching as a company before, this was the first time we were experiencing group coaching.

The journey, which started with a question mark at the beginning, was successfully completed and we concluded: “Great that we did this, we learned and shared a lot from both Ayla Akın and each other, and gained amazing results”.

Ayla’s excitement, her professionalism, being from the same background her ability to speak and understand our “technical language”, her ability to quickly establish personal relationships with people and last but not the least, her willingness to, besides standard group meetings, invest her private life time to support participants with 1-1 coaching have a big share in this success.


Ayla managed to raise the awareness of all our leaders to the next level regarding goal setting, strategy development and execution, self-awareness, the importance of communication with the team and the importance of feedback in their leadership journey.

Ferda Özge

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