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About the Founder


Ayla Akın was born in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. She graduated in Information Management Systems from Electrotechnical University of Sarajevo.

Ayla started her career in Electrotechnical University of Sarajevo as Teaching Assistant and Research Associate.

In 1992, she moved to Turkey and built her professional career in different IT organizations such as: Digital Equipment Corporation, Intertech, MBS and eSolutions Turkey.

For the last 15 years of her career she occupied executive roles as VP of Business Development, VP of Sales and finally General Manager of eSolutions Turkey.

She holds ICF (International Coach Federation) PCC coaching accreditation and Narrative Coach certification.

In 2010, she decided to leave corporate career and establish ArteVis where she is dedicated to helping technical leaders thrive in their leadership role.


What Got Me Here Today

I graduated from Sarajevo University in Bosnia & Herzegovina in 1986 with a diploma in Information Management Systems (computer science). My major was as hard core as engineering could be, and I was really enjoying it. I loved the IT sector, and continued to pursue it as a career during my entire professional life. I began as a Junior Analyst/Programmer, moved to Project Management, then Management Consulting, and finally spent the last 10 years of my corporate life in Software Sales while simultaneously climbing the management ladder finding myself being the General Manager for Turkey for a global enterprise application software company.

I was quite successful in my technical endeavors and work responsibilities until I was promoted to a management role for the first time. Hardly anything was going as I expected in my new role of managing a team. Due to my technical success and expertise, both my upper management’s expectations and my own were that I would be a great leader in my new role. As this was not exactly the case, I felt like a failure. I was failing to understand the “human” part of my job. Why was my team not doing what I told them to, or working the way I expected them to? I needed to understand why this was happening.


Why was my team not doing what I told them to do, or working the way I expected them to?


What I found out was that I basically lacked knowledge and a certain skill set needed for good people management. I realized that I was, in fact, stepping into a kind of completely new occupation (“people management”!) for which there are a specific set of tools, skills, and techniques I was supposed to know and deploy, but was not trained in them at all. While my company provided me with some basic leadership training it was very far from enough. A pretty big shock for me was the realization that most of us are expected to perform good as managers without really having a chance to develop the necessary skills in advance.

So, the road of my personal leadership development began. I started taking different training courses and finding mentors to help me, while reading as much as possible on the subject. In time I was promoted to higher management positions and had other managers reporting to me. I experienced over and over again how leadership skills can make or break the success of the team, and eventually the success of the company itself. I always believed that the success of the company is tightly related to the success and performance of its employees, and that employees are really the most valuable asset of any Company. A leader is the person who is either able to influence employees to perform at their best, or create a dysfunctional team that never performs as expected. A leader is the one who creates a peaceful and supportive environment for his/her team, the one who helps employees see the meaning in their work, helps them grow and learn, and ultimately creates a team which is engaged and loyal to the company.

Engaged teams are, besides just a few other things, what really makes a difference in a company’s overall success. And Influence is the trait that, when developed within a manager, solves most of the hardships of leadership.

  • It guarantees engaged teams.
  • It guarantees great relationships with upper management and clients.
  • It guarantees a great management career.

Then leading people becomes an enjoyable and a very rewarding job!

ArteVis was born out of my desire to help managers excel in Influence and develop really engaged teams, so the company they work for would be a much better place to work in.

Ayla Skaljic Akın
Founder of ArteVis Bilişim