ArteVis – The Art and Power of Leadership

Artevis’s purpose is to influence IT companies to become Preferred Places to work
by helping technical managers excel in leading their teams.

ArteVis is a Latin word that implies the power of creativity, and in my story, Art and Power of Creativity in Leadership.

I strongly believe that the quality of leadership in the IT sector needs to be improved. Great leadership has THE power to transform our Companies’ into great places to work, where managers lead with ease and employees are highly engaged and fulfilled.

I wanted to be one to influence companies in the IT Sector and help IT managers excel in leading their teams. And for that reason, ArteVis was born.

We, Technical Managers, most of the time struggle with the ‘people management’ part of our jobs. For most of us it doesn’t come natural or easy. On top of that, in the current work environment (VUCA as popularly called lately) we experience high level of stress, anxiety and overload. The result is this: we are not fulfilled and happy in our work, and we don’t feel particularly successful either.

All of that changes when we develop the right skills to better lead ourselves and our teams; or when we are managed by a great leader.

Unfortunately, our sector – IT, as well as most other sectors – is still really lacking effective Leadership Development Programs for our technical managers.

It is a fact that, as an adult, developing leadership skills is far from easy and cannot be achieved simply by theoretical education. It involves developing high levels of self-awareness, emotional intelligence and influence. That takes time and effort.

Fortunately, throughout the last two decades developments in different scientific branches (ex: psychology, behavioral sciences, neuroscience, sociology, etc…) helped us understand a lot more about our human nature; our behavior, how our brain works, how we develop and process emotions, etc. All of that knowledge can be used for creating much more effective and successful Leadership Development Models.

I strongly believe that our work as leaders, regardless of the environment, should be easier, more enjoyable and rewarding. We all can be much more successful as leaders.

At ArteVis we are set to help you achieve just that.