Leadership Development Programs

Our Leadership Development Programs are designed to help you develop the leadership skills you need to be successful in your management position. 

We are mostly focused on developing your People Management skills and Influence throughout the company, so that at the end you are able to create and manage very successful teams.

Since developing those skills is not a matter of theoretical knowledge but rather through practice, our programs are designed to stretch over a period of 5 months. During that time, you will work in a small group of 4-6 peers (managers the same level as you, from the same or different industry) who also strive to become more successful leaders. The group is led by an experienced and dedicated leadership coach. 

The program is designed to start with a short assessment and you setting a development goal for yourself according to your current needs. Then we will follow with a short theoretical part where you will learn some crucial management techniques (ex.  giving & receiving feedback, delegation etc.) and group work with the sole focus on developing your skills. 

We use scenarios, real work life cases, role-playing, homework, group and 1:1 coaching. We will also discuss group members challenges and resolve problems all together. You will start practicing your new skills first in the safe environment of your group, and then slowly start applying them in your daily work environment. 

So, gradually during the program you develop your skills according to the goal you have set for yourself.

Join our Leadership Program to:

  • Learn how to use basic skills, like feedback and delegation, to grow your team to better performance while freeing up time for yourself.
  • Understand what People Management is really all about and learn how to create high-performing and engaged teams.
  • Learn together with your peers from the industry who, as you will discover, struggle with the same issues as you.
  • Share experiences and support each other while getting coaching and mentoring for your specific situations and problems.
  • We work on real problems you face in your environment. During the program we constantly search for and identify solutions that work for you, and help you implement solutions in baby steps. You are always supported, and every question or doubt you have is discussed and resolved.
  • You learn why a different approach is needed for different employees, how to really motivate them, how to engage difficult employees and make them take responsibility, how to manage up, and much more.
At a minimum, our work together results in greater productivity, performance, and organizational results.
In many cases, this has resulted in managers getting their lives back – from saving their marriages to making more time for their children, making significant improvements in their health and vitality, sleeping better, and feeling recharged and fulfilled about their work again.